Mandy Potter Interview – Australia Sleep Consultant


  1. What drew you to making the life changing decision to study and become a sleep consultant? 

I am a qualified Early Childhood Educator and Infant Nanny, so I had been helping to sleep train babies and young children for over 10 years. When I had my own daughter 5 years ago, I used routines and taught her healthy sleep habits from an early age knowing that we all need sleep in order to continue running our childcare business efficiency! Now that I was a mum, I often met other new mums whose mental health was suffering due to lack of sleep and routine. Although I could give them tips, I’m not the type of person to give much advice unless I am qualified in that field. Which is why I decided to finally become qualified!

  1. What sort of clients motivate you the most? Tell us a story if you have one.

It’s so motivating when a client strives to find a way to fit sleep training and routine into their lives to better their lives and their families lives! I have a client who is a single mum, I have been working with her since baby was 6 weeks old. It has been a slow, gentle process with such a young bub and new mum but they are well rested, happy and healthy all due to mum’s commitment and forward thinking.

  1. Is the role rewarding, what do you find rewarding?

It’s so rewarding. To watch a new mum come out of that dark sleep deprived state, take control of her life and to actually enjoy her new baby and other children is so amazing.

  1. What has been your biggest challenge to date, how are you dealing with this?

There are, at times pitfalls. Especially with toddlers I find who are really coming into their own personalities! Seeing a mum disheartened or second guessing themselves is difficult. I often have to follow up often to help mum gain the confidence to try different techniques to achieve their outcome.

  1. Why do you believe sleep is important for all families?

Mental health and might I add ‘mum guilt’. I’ve met quite a few mums who feel they are failing their older children due to the fact that they are so sleep deprived and have no energy to continue being the mum they were a year ago.

  1. Tell me one thing you learnt in your studies that will stick with you forever?

That there is not one way or one plan that will work for all families and babies. Learning to really think about the big picture and find a solution that fits was great for me to learn!

  1. What are your plans moving forward for the next 12 months?

I’m currently only taking 1 client a month, which works well. It means I can work with them properly while still having time to run my childcare and be a mum to my own 5-year-old and 9-month-old! I think for the next 12 months I will continue with that plan.

  1. If you could tell tired desperate parents one thing, what would that be?

Take each day at a time, ask for help from your village, your partner and from a professional.

MANDY POTTER – April 2018


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