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  • What drew you to making the life changing decision to study and become a sleep consultant?

My sleep education journey began when my daughter, Olive, was about 3 months old. She was a reflux baby who had a lot of issues sleeping as well as other specific circumstances that were unique to her. She was difficult to settle and didn’t stay asleep long without crying out for her pacifier. Some nights I would wake up 15+ times just to go pop her paci back in her mouth for her. I was beyond exhausted. I tried reading all the info online and all the books that my friends and mommy-group acquaintances recommended. But it got to the point where I felt like I actually had too much information. Where was I to start? Which method would work best for myself and Olive?  I just wanted someone who knew my specific circumstances to tell me exactly what to do.  After deciding to hire a sleep consultant, my life changed. I was getting more sleep, as was my husband and most importantly, Olive. She became a new baby- so happy and engaged, instead of irritable and tired. It was then that I decided this gift of sleep is one that I needed to learn and be able to share with other families.


2) What sort of clients motivate you the most? Tell us a story if you have one.

The clients that motivate me the most are the ones that are literally in survival mode.  I worked with a mom who had a 3 year old as well as 5 month old premie twins.  Her life was was being uprooted by a cross-state move and she was currently living in her parents living room with all her children until her new house was done being renovated, and her husband was already at the location of the new hose to oversee those renovations.  The toddler was sleeping in bed with her and the twins were on complete opposite schedule from each other.  As soon as one twin stopped eating, the other started, the same thing with sleeping and crying.  This mom literally never got a single break in the entire 24 hours of a day.  She held on until the move was complete and then we immediately began working together.  She was nervous and anxious, but after a pep talk and a deep breath, she agreed to follow the plan and be consistent.  Within the first full week, we had one twin sleeping through the night!  The smaller twin still needed feeding in the night to help him gain weight, but the fact that mom could sleep in 3-4 hour stretches was life changing her her, she had literally never gotten to sleep for more than 45 minutes at a time since the twins were born.  By the end of our time working together, we had the twins taking larger feeds, sleeping in longer stretches, and their schedules were synced up.  Mom cried tears of joy and told me I changed her life.


3) Is the role rewarding, what do you find rewarding?

It’s the fact that I am improving the quality of peoples lives that is so rewarding.  I am helping entire families to sleep better, because when the baby sleeps, mom and dad get to sleep too.  I also find it rewarding to change peoples minds on what they falsely believe that sleep training is.  So many people assume the only option is cry it out, and I love being able to educate people and give them options to choose from and customize a plan to their exact needs and parenting styles.  Each new family is like its own puzzle, and I get to be the one to show them how to put all the pieces together.


4) What has been your biggest challenge to date, how are you dealing with this?

My biggest challenge so far is breaking the stigma that is attached to what people think “sleep training” is.  A lot of people think it’s cruel and have no idea that there is more than just the option of cry it out, and that so many other factors go into it like nutrition and proper sleep environments.


5) Why do you believe sleep is important for all families?

Sleep is directly linked to happiness.  People who are chronically tired are not the happiest and healthiest versions of themselves.  I want parents to enjoy being parents and not be all-consumed by exhaustion.


6) Tell me one thing you learnt in your studies that will stick with you forever?

One thing I learned in my studies that will stick with me forever is the realization that I am really able to change peoples lives by helping them get more sleep.  I have personally helped couples who hadn’t slept in the same room together in months, get their bed and their rooms back to themselves.  I have helped moms with PPD have less stress, get more sleep, and feel better.  That is truly amazing to be that influential in someones life.


7) What are your plans moving forward for the next 12 months?

In the next 12 months I hope to grow my business and build my reputation in this industry.  The more people I can help, the better!


8) If you could tell tired desperate parents one thing, what would that be?

I would tell desperate and tired parents to ask for help!  From a sleep consultant, from your family, whatever it is, ask for it and get it!


CYNTHIA KISER – April 2019


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