Courntey baby sleep consultant

Courtney Nightingale: Passionate about seeing families thrive

A second stint of maternity leave gave Courtney plenty of time to dream up her plans to start her baby sleep consultant training. From a background in education – specifically working with children with special needs. She had a love of solving things, and of helping families with practical strategies that worked. Combine this with having two babies of her own – and the preoccupation every parent has with infant sleep – and the stage was set.


Stepping into the unknown – baby sleep consultant training

Courtney had always dreamed of owning her own business. She knew she wanted to do something that would provide flexibility and time to spend with her family.

But initially she didn’t even realise the world of baby sleep consulting was existed or was possible. Until, that is, she came across Baby Sleep Consultant Training.


Not one to shy away from a challenge, Courtney kicked off her baby sleep consultant training in 2020 when she had a baby herself; her son was just three months old at the time. Usually a six-month course, Courtney worked through the self-paced lessons in under four months.

Remarkable when you consider she had a toddler at home too!


I was lucky in that my husband was doing shift work at that stage, so I got lots of time to put into it during the day. I also found that I wanted to work hard and fast because I loved it so much,” Courtney shares.


Courtney had Sacha as her mentor, who she says was ‘absolutely incredible.’ Sacha was super encouraging, which really helped to boost my confidence.” Although Courtney incorporates a range of parenting aspects into her business, her baby sleep consultant training provided the foundation – and a really good picture of what infant sleep is all about.

The entrepreneurial journey.

On the business side of things, the first year or so was dense with learning. “We all go into business in our zone of genius. But then being in business opens us up to all the other areas. It’s easy to have excessively high expectations too. I think you need to have conviction that it’s the right thing for you and then just keep trusting that it’s all going to work out.


And it certainly is for Courtney who says she’s “1000% totally where I’m supposed to be!” She loves the transformation that her work brings to families, especially when she sees parents out the other side, “owning their parenting power”.


Courtney would absolutely recommend that anyone who is curious give Baby Sleep Consultant Training a go, and be supported to explore this exciting and challenging line of work.


Then you’ll get out into the real world and develop your own flavour with it. That’s what the entrepreneurial journey is about right? Taking what you know and making it your own. It takes time and practice, but I think this year I’ve really landed on what it’s about for me.


I can’t wait to see what Courtney does next.