Becoming a Sleep Consultant

90% of the sleep consultants we have trained were mums before they were sleep consultants, and most had careers before they became mothers. We have trained accountants, lawyers, teachers, and nannies, early childhood teachers, marketing executives, personal trainers, midwives and more.

The one thing everyone has in common in making this decision is their passion for infant and child sleep, and usually their desire for a better work/home balance after having children. The wonderful thing about starting up your own business as an infant and child sleep consultant is that you can chose your own hours, and your own days to work. You can take on 2 clients a week or 6 clients, the choice is yours. The follow up work is easily done around your children’s naps, or in the evening a couple of nights a week. This is what appeals to mum’s who still want a career, are passionate about sleep and want a better balance!

Some consultants balance the training with their old jobs and wait until they have a good client base to quit their old job. Or they leap right in once they have made the decision. A popular time to train is while on maternity leave from your old job! Get your assignments done while you baby naps and create the perfect sleeper while you are at it!

You probably already have a good client base around you, friends you know with children, and their friends, your mums at music class and pre-school. When you are already immersed in this world is a great time to take on this new career change because the marketing opportunities are at your fingertips.

Do you want to work less days out of your home, and spend more time available to your children? Do you want the ability to structure your working hours to meet your own family’s needs? Do you love babies and toddlers and feel passionate about helping people achieve better sleep? These are the sort of questions you need to ask yourself when you are thinking about this career change. Give us a call if you want some more information to help you.