Ash Larsen – NZ Sleep Consultant



1) What drew you to making the life changing decision to study and become a sleep consultant?

I am a registered Early Childhood teacher & mum. Sleep is so critical for everyone to survive & I had so many questions. Emma’s knowledge & information seemed too valuable to pass up to not learn from her.


2) What sort of clients motivate you the most? Tell us a story if you have one.

There are so many that can’t afford a sleep consultant but often need a bit of advice on food, bottles or changing sleep cycles. These are the people I love helping & supporting in every way possible.


3) Is the role rewarding, what do you find rewarding?

So very rewarding! When a parent or mum says “omg they slept through!” Or Mum manages to make time for herself catching up on her own sleep.


4) What has been your biggest challenge to date, how are you dealing with this?

Working in a daycare, the signs they miss on children’s sleep or say oh they are hungry or they can stay up for a bit longer. It devastates me as they are clearly overtired!!!


5) Why do you believe sleep is important for all families?

If families are lacking in sleep, they are often tearful, overwhelmed & exhausted. Getting sleep helps to feel as though they are back on top of these things & life is suddenly achievable again.


6) Tell me one thing you learnt in your studies that will stick with you forever?

Wow just 1?!! Stick to that early bed time…it’s so critical for babies & adults to get their own time back!


7) What are your plans moving forward for the next 12 months?

I am back working full time in a daycare but wanting to do this full time. I’m working with a friend to roll out Nanny2u in the Wairarapa – offering babysitting, nannies, sleep consultant, after school care & eventually a holiday program.


8) If you could tell tired desperate parents one thing, what would that be?

Ring me! Get some help, you don’t need to suffer.


ASHLEY LARSEN – April 2019


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